Hello Fall

We’re one hour deep into nap time and the stacks of clothes piling up in my almost two year old’s bedroom is giving me organizational anxiety (is that a even a “thing”?)

I call it laundry purgatory. You know, when jackets and pants are just hanging out for a few weeks wondering where they’re going to go. The closet? Dresser? Donation?

I’m not even sure what size Knox is in right now. I should probably get on that. The real reason why I haven’t done anything with the clothes yet is because I don’t want to accept the fact that we’re onto another season and we’re leaving one in the past. Weren’t we just pulling our shorts and sandals out?

Just last season, our kids and neighbors were running around the yard barefoot with sticky popsicle cheeks and chalk covered clothes. We were park-hopping and fishing and meeting friends at the splash pads. I was waddling around trying to keep up with our three and one year old while growing our newest baby.

And just when I was pulling the same clothes back out to welcome last year’s fall wasn’t Knox just learning to walk? We were just getting the hang of being a family of four and little did we know the following year we would have one more to make our family complete.

So I might just wait another day to divide and conquer the mountains of 2T clothes laying all over his room and go cuddle with the brand new babe. Because, next season will be here even sooner— and the new baby smell will be gone.

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