I can ramble on and on about must haves for adding a new baby to the family (and I will in a future post) but one thing every new or seasoned mom needs is a routine. It’s free! It’s life changing! It’s the key to having a less stressful life in whatever season you are in! If you aren’t laying out a game plan for your family to follow, chaos is bound to happen. Our home is a little more busy right now so instilling this into my day has helped lots and kept me somewhat sane the past few months.

First off, I’d like to note that all families are different and you have to make your routine fit for your family and the season you’re currently in. I stay home and my husband works out of the home and we have three kids under the age of 4. Our routine isn’t going to work for another family who has both parents working and send their kids to daycare. It’s not going to work for the family who has kids in high school or the single parent who is working two jobs. Make it work for you—just stay consistent and I promise you won’t regret it!

First things first, I’m going to start my day off by waking up BEFORE the kids. If I don’t shower and put my make up on before they’re up, it’s going to cause complete chaos and it’s no fun getting ready with a crying baby and a toddler getting into anything and everything while you’re in the shower.

I get breakfast ready for the kids before they’re up including their drinks and vitamins so that way they can eat while I make the beds. I’m trying to establish a routine for our four year old so I pull the comforter up for her since it’s too heavy for her and I have her put her pillows on the bed and put her pajamas away after she eats breakfast.

Knox helping us out!

Laundry is one of my least favorite things to do so I start a load while they’re eating to get that done and over with. I run one load of laundry a day to prevent it from piling up. If it’s a Saturday, I’ll do more because that’s when I wash the sheets and towels but that’s the only exception. It’s a life changer!

Once the kids are done with breakfast, we brush their teeth and get them dressed.

Counters are wiped down and breakfast dishes are put in the dishwasher. If I have a crockpot meal to make, I do this now.

I’m not sure if I have OCD or if I’m just a clean freak but I can’t function when my home is not clean. I can handle the toys all over the floor for most of the day but if there are crumbs on my counter or toothpaste all over the sink, I can’t leave it. Depending on what day of the week it is I do one big chore that only takes me about 15-20 minutes to do. Check out the Clean Mama blog —it’s what helped me keep my chores down to a minimum!

Monday’s— bathrooms

Tuesday’s—dusting and window cleaning

Wednesday’s—vacuum all the floors

Thursday’s—mop all the floors

Friday’s—clean out the fridge

Saturday’s—wash towels and sheets and rugs

Sunday’s—- not a thing. Enjoy your family!

Obviously I have a three month old who isn’t always happy about me not holding him but he usually naps when this is all going down. Otherwise I throw all 17 pounds of that chunky baby into my handy dandy baby carrier and he does it all with me. I get a workout and I don’t have to listen to him cry. I do all of this so I can get it out of the way so I can spend time with my kids for the rest of the day without distracting myself with all the chores I need to get done.

After lunch, I put the kids down for naps. This doesn’t always happen easily but eventually I usually get about an hour until they wake up. I clean up lunch and fold the laundry I washed in the morning. Then I make sure I do something for myself so I don’t lose my sanity later so I’ll either read or work out. (Who am I kidding? I usually just read because i don’t want to shower again!)

I make sure the kids get to play outside every day, no matter the weather! It’s important for their growing bodies and we’re all in a better mood that way!

Once my husband gets home it’s a lot easier! We eat dinner and play a little more. Baths are next and all we have left to do is get them down for bed (not so easy sometimes). Mae picks out her clothes for the next day and we always read a few books before bed to them.

Once all the kids are down, we clean up the kitchen and pick up the clutter. It doesn’t take more than 10-15 minutes. (Notice how I say we?) All of this can’t happen if you don’t have help. My husband is good at helping out around the house but I wouldn’t be afraid to ask him to help if he didn’t. A home shouldn’t be ran by one person alone. Everyone needs to work together to make things run smoother. We do it in the workplace so why can’t it happen at home? Obviously my kids are little still but I’m already starting to teach them responsibility so they aren’t reluctant to help when they’re older.

I fill the coffee pot for the next morning and make sure the diaper bag is stocked. I even go a little far and get their cups ready for the next day so my husband doesn’t have to assemble them early in the morning. He calls the cup cabinet the “Build-A-Cup” station and usually has the wrong lids on the cups! (LOL!)

As I said before, our routine might not be right for you. Either way, you need to set a routine no matter what. Life is full of change and craziness so by setting these in place, you are making time for what matters most—your family!

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