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Family Faves: November

I blinked and now it’s November. We haven’t even had a turkey dinner yet and it has snowed twice. I was hopeful we would have more time playing outside without having to wear mittens and winter coats. Cabin fever is sneaking up on us and there really isn’t a cure here in central Illinois. One can only visit the children’s museum and library so many times. I think we are going to start setting up our bounce house in the basement to try and burn up some toddler energy. Here are some of our favorite items this month!

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Infantino Prop-a-Pillar

We’re using this for the second time around and it’s a hit with our four month old. He can sit up and watch his big brother and sister or we can undo the velcro to use for tummy time. There are a few accessories that hang from it for him to play with, too.

Raise a Reader

This is a quick read that explains what type of books we should be choosing to read to our kids and how it helps build confident and motivated readers. We have already checked out some of the authors’ suggestions and have I’ve added some to our Christmas lists.

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Sanitizer

It’s beginning to look alot like flu season…everywhere you look…. This is the only thing keeping me from going off on Susie who brought her green, snot-nosed fever ridden child to storytime. Its a pump and instead of a liquid or gel its a foam. It won’t dry your hands out either!

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier

Another favorite of mine during cold weather. It uses cold mist to moisten (sorry for the verb used) the air. This helps with our son’s eczema rash on his face. When one gets a stuffy nose or cough, this helps the kids breathe better at night.

Socker Boppers

Does anyone else remember getting beaten with these during their childhood? I decided to give this to my son on his second birthday and is easy entertainment for them and myself. Ourfour year old has now learned the definition of karma, too.

Check back next month for some holiday favorites as well as a festive wish list for the kids!

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