Frozen Sensory Bin

Frozen II is kind of a big deal around here this week. Thursday night, my sister got us tickets to see the premiere and to my surprise, it was actually better than I thought it was going to be. Sequels usually aren’t worth seeing in theaters but this one was actually pretty good! The soundtrack is going to be just as amazing as the first movie. Unfortunately, Elsa has way more outfits in this movie compared to the first. Even I want the nightgown Elsa wears in the charades scene so parents of little girls, beware. Your daughters expect those dress up costumes for Christmas this year!

We woke up to sleet this morning and took the kids to pick out our Christmas tree. I don’t plan on leaving the house again today so we decided to concoct a fun, Frozen sensory bin for the kids to play in. It will kill a good twenty minutes in our house. Even better, we already had all of the ingredients to throw it together in about thirty seconds! It has all the hairy, squishy-ness and smell good perks of a sensory bin and if they spill this (because you know they will) it’s a quick clean up.

All you will need are:

Cotton balls – marshmallows (we used different sizes) – snowflake sprinkles – dress up jewelry – any mini frozen toys you have laying around (McDonalds happy meals have them right now)

Throw it all together and you’re good to go! If you have really little ones who still put things in their mouths, I would not use cotton balls.

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