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November Reads: Three Women

Just shy of a few hours until December, I finished my third book of the month! It was a struggle but I really wanted to meet my Goodreads challenge and hit my goal of twenty books. It was definitely doable for all you moms out there that don’t think they have enough time to read. Just a few pages here and there will get you there eventually! Our baby will be mobile soon, so I think I’m going to scale it back to less books next year. I have a book club pick to finish in two weeks and I think I’ll be taking a break! Besides the holiday shenanigans, we are also in the middle of moving our two oldest in together to share a room and so that calls for a revamp of the bedroom! It is challenging trying to mix rooms for a boy who is ALL BOY and a girl who is into all the pink and girlie things.

For my #NonfictionNovember challenge, I read the deep and well written book, Three Women. Author Lisa Taddeo translates three different women’s desires and sexual journeys into a phenomenal read. Each woman has a different struggle in terms of her sex life, yet I feel like every woman can relate to at least one of them.

Lina experiences trauma as an adolescent and her self esteem takes her on a path to a depressing life until she reconnects with an old flame. She lives for this new love and sacrifices her sanity for little in return.

Maggie engages in a secret relationship with her high school teacher. She becomes isolated from friends and family members until the affair ends and well after. The pressure put on her as a teenager stays with her as she reaches adulthood. The school and justice system fail her and her family which sends her on a road to monotonous and meaningless daily life.

Sloane has grown up with everything that she has ever needed except one thing. Love. Her family shows no affection to her which in turn leaves her seeking approval and control in all the wrong ways. She’s in a wonderful marriage but has some secrets to hide.

Three Women is well written and it is noticeable how much time and research Taddeo conducted to study these women. Society’s views towards women in regards to their sexuality hasn’t changed much in the past few decades and this nonfiction read proves it. This is a must read for women and men!

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Three Women

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