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Family Faves: January

How is everyone’s start to 2020 going? We are surprisingly handling the cold, gloomy weather pretty well for a family with three energized kids. After merely surviving the winter of 2017-18 with a newborn and a two year old, I set the bar low on expectations of joy this winter. The flu is rampant, there is not much to do in Central IL in the winter, and its usually too cold to take the baby outside. So, I’m happy to report that this cold season isn’t too shabby. I’m sure it helps that Mae is in preschool six hours a week and we have frequently scheduled playdates with our friends.

This weekend calls for snow and I hope it actually comes! I have been so psyched to take the kids sledding. And nothing is more beautiful than watching giant snowflakes pile on top of the pine trees in the backyard. Sunday we are hosting a baby shower for my brother and sister-in-law and the snow will be the perfect backdrop.

Here is this month’s family faves! I always have each item linked so you can purchase some for yourself if interested! Let me know what you think!

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1. BumKins bibs

You could say I have a bit of a baby bib obsession (my mom is always making us new ones!). Sadly, once those cute, handmade bibs gets butternut squash puree dropped on them, its hard to get the stains out. BumKins bibs are perfect for messy eaters because they are easily washable. I can just rinse with water and use it for the next meal or just toss it into the washing machine. The cactus print is too cute!

2. Orange Circle 2020 planner

I have used the expensive planners, the “most organized” planners, and the “pretty, sticker-covered” planners and I have decided to use something simple that doesn’t leave me feeling overwhelmed. This is under $15 and is a monthly planner. I don’t need the weekly pages added in there. The back has tear-out pages for notes like grocery lists and things like that. Not to mention, I’m all about that slow, unhurried sloth life so that’s a plus 😉

3. Magnatiles

Magna-Tiles 32-Piece Clear Colors Set, The Original, Award-Winning Magnetic Building Tiles for Kids, Creativity and Educational Building Toys for Children, STEM Approved

If there was one toy I would advise you to add to your child’s birthday/Christmas list, this is it! It doesn’t make annoying noises or seizure-inducing lights. I’m not kidding when I tell you that my kids can play together or alone for very long periods of time with these. That’s a lot coming from a mom to Mae Miller who is always looking for something else to do. They can build just about everything with these magnetic shapes. They are super durable and can stand against baby drool, toddler tantrums and Lysol wipes. We got them as a gift but I would totally invest in them because I know they will last through all of our kids’ childhoods.

4. Cela Coffee Scrub

I received this in my Ipsy bag this month and it spoke to my coffee-loving heart. For starters, it smells like heaven in a jar and my legs have never felt so smooth. My husband even noticed and he’s not one to pay attention to little details! 🙂 Your dry, winter ravaged skin needs this!

5. When Less Becomes More by Emily Ley

You know my last pick was going to be a book! I first bought this for my mother in law for Christmas but returned it for another book. After listening to the audiobook, I do feel like this is for any woman but mainly for those in the hard seasons of motherhood. She focuses her story on slowing down and enjoying the life you wanted to live before work, schedules and social media took over our lives. Get this for a shower gift or as a just because gift for your mom friends!

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